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July 4, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Rare and unusual diseases.

Rare diseases as the rule refer to diseases that affect not many people around the world. Among them are diseases which are impossible to cure because they are genetic mainly and sometimes symptoms do not appear immediately. Some of them are unique indeed and amazed me when I found out that there are people who suffer from very unusual I even would say extraordinary illnesses. So I would share the list of very unusual diseases which affect people. Here we are.

Stendhal syndrome affects people who are exposed to fine art. This syndrome causes fainting, confusion and heartbeat. I have heard that this syndrome affects people who visit Italy especially Florence and Uffizi Gallery. Staying over there they are literally are overwhelmed with large amount of fine art especially classical art. Well, it is not surprising at all that it happens mainly in Italy while this country is like an open air museum. Also this syndrome can affect people who are impressed by the beauty of nature. The disease is named after famous French writer who described in his book Naples and Florence: A Journey from Milan to Reggio what he felt while visiting Italian cities. By the way the syndrome doesn’t affect Asian people and those who was born and have been living in Italy. Well-known movie Stendhal Syndrome by Dario Argento depicts what usually happens to people suffering from this rare syndrome.

Another syndrome closely connected to art and music is so called Lisztomania (or also known as Liszt fever). This syndrome affected fans who suffered from frenzy during Franz Liszt performances. Many people who visited his concerts reacted hysterically. Well, definitely many music fans suffer from this unstable condition and state of mind today visiting concerts.

Another very unusual and very strange syndrome I have read recently about is the Capgras delusion theory (or in other words Capgras syndrome). It means that person who suffer from this delusion is sure that his or her friend, spouse or family member has been replaced by identical double. As a rule it happens to people who diagnosed with psychological and neurological problems caused by brain injury. I’m not very good at medicine but it looks like a schizophrenia for me.

Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome (or Todd’s syndrome) affects perception of human beings. People suffering from it experience size distortion. They see and perceive surrounding things, people and animals of less sizes than they actually are. According to statistics this condition is temporary and affects as a rule children and teenagers.

Prosopagnosia (disorder of face perception or face blindness) affects people who have lost an ability to recognize faces but at the same time they have an ability to recognize other things. There is a very famous and well-known psychologist and writer Oliver Wolf Sacks who suffers from this very rare disorder. Despite the fact he suffers from this rare disease he lives regular life, writes bestselling books and works as a professor. The only thing that really surprises me why and how he can perceive other things and objects? It is a trick for me indeed.

Take care and be healthy!

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