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July 8, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

My Black Hair Experience

Being a natural blonde I have always thought of dying my hair jet black,but the unpredictable result made me hesitate about the consequences of the unsuccessful color change. So I decided to wear a wig to try a new image of myself.

Well, the first thought that a had that wearing a wig was extremely uncomfortable. It was stitching my head badly and my forehead was permanently itchy because of the synthetic fringe covering it.

I was afraid that it will not fit on my head properly and will slip down at the most inappropriate moment. But I managed to wear it during the whole day.

When I got my flaxen braids updone tightly and hidden under the black acrylic hair a completely different girl glanced at me from the mirror. I got an odd impression that someone else is being awakened in my body. Now I think I could understand a person suffering from a multiple personality disorder. I automatically became more impudent, aggressive and…somewhat sinful. I’ve experienced the strange experience that there is nothing left to hide deep inside, every intention comes out with the black hair color. How could this fact be explained from the psychological point of view? Maybe by alternating every single feature in your appearance you inevitably have an impact on your personality. I definitely wouldn’t like dim colors in the middle of the color gradient scheme, such as dark shades of fair or strawberry blonde. Even while being a teen I was a rebel wearing massive boots with a light yellow sundress. So I prefer going to the extremes even choosing the new hair color.

When I go outside a woman next door doesn’t seem to recognize me. “Is it that awful?”, I ask her. “I’ll soon get accustomed to your new look, sweetie.”, she sighs and that means that everything looks worse than I supposed. I probably should have thought of choosing a more suitable outfit yesterday evening. The blue or pink mini polka-dotted dress doesn’t match my new hair color. Black shiny hair is commonly associated with goths or strict headmistresses, so I had to wear a dark dress.

Partially I’m satisfied as I’ve always thought of myself as of a dark-haired serious girl who is logical and sensible. But when you hide all these features under the fair hair you produce the impression of a nice modest girl and no one expects you to be mean. To some extend that can be useful in communication with others.

In the evening I take the wig off with the pleasant feel of relief. After analyzing my day I make a decision that I couldn’t be a young woman with black hair. It was an interesting experience but that’s definitely not for me. According to my personal characteristics I’m a brunette, so let me be have blonde hair. Maybe I’ll wear a black wig some time. For a Halloween party wearing a fancy evil witch costume.

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