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July 9, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

When dreams come true, or my trip to Cannes.

I have recently returned from Cannes and would like to share my feelings and experience I had during my travel. I was there for the first time and everything was new to me. As you can guess I went to the city because of the Cannes Film Festival held annually in May at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres. Something really surprised me, something disappointed. Nevertheless it was one the most fascinating trips of all my life. And it seems like this trip wasn’t the last one.

During the Film Festival cozy city along the French Riviera turns into the place overcrowded with actors and actresses, journalists and cinema fans. Photographers and interviewers hunting after celebrities are everywhere, the city is literally packed to the rafters. As for me it really tires. It is pretty difficult to find a place to stay during the Festival, all the hotels are booked up. That’s exactly why we booked our hotel room in December, 2011. People are preparing to the trip beforehand. And I’m sure if you arrive to Cannes just for no special reason and unprepared don’t surprise there wouldn’t be spare hotel rooms at all. And I mean not only luxurious and prestigious Carlton Hotel or Martinez where movie stars and directors prefer to stay. I’m talking about regular hotels for ordinary people. I’m not kidding you. Even these barrel-house hotels had been booked up by the beginning of the Film Festival.

Almost the same with the restaurants, bars and cafes. All of them are busy and full every single day. Frankly speaking I prefer more calm and pacifying atmosphere. I hate squash and unfortunately it is impossible to avoid it in Cannes in May. But at the same time it wasn’t irritated me much even though I felt really tired. I even do not know why. But during the Festival it is just OK. Crowds, long lines, lack of spare space are just normal. You would be really surprised to see Cannes to be calm and even boring when the Festival is over. It is strange and surprising. People are leaving and the city turns into another calm French Riviera resort as if nothing has happened.

People are arriving in Cannes to see their idols and to immerse themselves into atmosphere of fun, carnival and joy of life. Even though for me it was too much of everything anyway I enjoyed it at full. It is almost impossible to visit the Palais des Festivals et des Congres if you are not a famous and well known cinema critic, journalist, photographer and of course if you are not a celebrity. Many are dreaming about walking on Red carpet and being photographed as a celebrity. But this moment of fame and glory is intended only for privileged. Even not all journalists have a right to see premiers. They are obliged to get a special accreditation.

I was lucky just because a friend of mine organized everything and we watched some of movies. But definitely Cannes is not a place to go in May just to watch films. It is exactly that place where fun and joy, sun and sea, glory and expectation come together resolving into festival of life and joy.

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