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July 12, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Facts About Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is definitely one of my favorite surrealism artists of 20th century. His famous paintings deeply affect one’s perception and pierce through consciousness so that the image that appears in the observer’s mind is truly fantastic magnificent.

The incredibly talented artist was born on 11th of May in 1904 and his whole name was Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech in the city of Figueres, Spain.

When he was a child his mother put up his most hideous deeds and his father, in contrary was envevered by them. As a result he became kind of an evil incarnate for his son while the mother was kind like an angel.

Young Salvador showed his talents when у was at the age of 10 drawing a small impressionistic scenery with oil colors on a wooden board.

When he turned 15 he was kicked out from religious school due to inappropriate behavior.

Dali enters regular school and graduates in 1921 magma cum laude. This year is also the time when his mother dies.

Father sends him to Madrid Academy of Art in 1921. During that time Salvador Dali has a lot of friends and acquaintances.

Having violated the basic rules of discipline at the academy he was suspended from studies for a year in 1923. During that time Dali was affected with the famous artistic creations by Pablo Picasso.

From 14th to 27th of November in 1925 there is his first personal paintings exhibition featured in a local gallery. There were 32 paintings exhibited that day.

Salvador Dali was one of the scenery writers for the Un Chien Andalou movie in 1929. He fell in love with Elena Dyakonova also known as Gala who became the main muse for Dali till the end of his days.

Salvador Dali’s paintings started bringing him fame and appreciation in 1930 when he draw his most popular La persistencia de la memoria painting that has been recognizable worldwide to the present moment. The themes for his creativity are also destruction, suffering, death and sexual drama inspired by the books of Sigmund Freud.

The premiere of the second movie by Salvador Dali was held in 1931 in London.

1934 was one of the most exciting and fortunate years in the artist’s life as Gala, the love of his life divorces with her husband and marries Salvador Dali. They made a perfect couple together having mutual understanding and were very sensible to each other.

Scandalous fame of Dali started in 1938 when he got a job to perform the design of the shop-window in New York’s luxurious store on 5th Avenue. Dali chose the Day and Night theme and the composition included fashion dolls with genuine hair cut from a dead body. There was also a bloodstained buffalo head with a dead pigeon in its mouth present in this design. As a result the administration decided to close the store to avoid riots. Dali got mad and broke the glass wall, went outside through it and was immediately arrested.

Salvador Dali was the designer of Chupa Chups logo which is still active although it has undergone some changes.

In the late 60’s he and Gala faced major alienation and the artist had to buy a castle for her and she was having fun with a lot of young men out there.

Dali Museum was open in 1973 which has been an astonishing place to visit so far.

Fire event in his house occurred on 03th of August, 1984 and 18% of his body was burnt.

On January 23rd 1989 Salvador Dali’s heart stopped due to cardiac distress. His body was embalmed and was kept in the museum so that people could make farewells and then it was buried in his museum under an unlabeled plate.

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