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July 15, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Secrets of a Happy Marriage

Sadly, too many divorces happen all over the world every single day, and it is considered to be quite common when two people who were absolutely happy together end breaking up and nothing is left of that love, passion and harmony they once used to feel.

It is a known fact that passion is always gone with years, love occasionally turns into simply being used to each other and living together, saying or doing something that used to come from the heart turns to a mere habit. So, obviously passion is not enough if you aim for a happy marriage and stable family life, your relationship should be first of all based on love and respect.

You may very well wonder how to tell love from passion, in fact, the difference is obvious. Love is a desire to share and gift your significant one all of yourself, passion is a desire to possess your significant one completely. Love also supposes supporting each other, being understanding and able to compromise, which will clearly show once you are together at least for a year. If you are together or a long time and feel more than just physical attraction to each other, if you are first of all good friends who always help each other in a tough situation without being involved into a conflict, you are sure to create a happy family, so it is reasonable to trial your true feelings by everyday routine and try living together for at least several month – in some time you will figure out if you have the same views and attitude to the most common problems that may occur. It is important that you have the same values, agree on money matters and know everything about your partner’s life, family and background so that you are sure you partner does not have any debts or conviction. At least some common interests are also essential – if you have completely different preferences and life styles, what is about to bring you together and how much time will you spend with each other at all?

Once you have discovered you are a perfect match and decided to officially get married, you should still make notice of some key points that will help you keep your relations healthy. First of all, there should be some family traditions that will always keep you united, for instance celebrating every anniversary of your marriage in the place where you first met, going out to your favorite cafe or restaurant on a Friday evening or simply watching movies at home every Saturday; no matter what you do, the key point is that it should bring you both pleasure so that you share beautiful moments you can remember all your life long.

It is also a good idea to make surprises for your partner, give them special gifts on holidays or for no occasion at all, just like when you only started dating. It is particularly important for couples who have been married for more than twenty years and have children, as this way they will still feel young at heart as well as loved and wanted by each other as much as before.

And whenever something goes wrong, you should be eager to listen and share. Only this way you are about to find an effective solution for any problem rather than let it get you at all separated. Just remember that problems and conflicts occur in everyone’s life, so you just have to be patient and get over them together. So love each other and live happily, hope in many years you will celebrate your golden jubilee and have a lot of wonderful moments to remember!

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