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July 19, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Long Distances – Long Relations?

We all are constantly told that love is a wonderful feeling, that strong emotions are only for good and we should not avoid the opportunity to fall in love. But let’s skip this sweets-and-butterflies stuff and accept that love is not only pleasure and kisses under the moon. Sometimes it’s pain, sometimes it hurts pretty much, and may be it is better to avoid this pain from the beginning, especially if you know that it is practically inevitable? You may disagree with such pessimistic approach but I will mention just two words which make you less cheerful – distant relations.

No matter how it happens – may be you spend a weekend in another city and fall in love out of the blue, may be you are pen or on-line friends who suddenly realize that there is something more between you two than discussing War Craft. May be it was a sea romance and then both of you have left in different direction. The fact remains unchanged – you understand that a certain person has touched your heart but you hesitate whether you should continue your relations despite the distance separating you.

I am sure all of you can think of some positive and some negative examples of distant relations. Each situation is unique and it is hard to predict what will come out of it. But some points are common for all cases and I want you to read about them before making your decision.

First, it will be difficult to remain the part of life of your partner as you will not be informed on the current events of his life all the time. The process of getting to know each other better will be also slowed down to the lowest extent due to your rare dates. Besides, distant relations present a good soil for jealousy, distrust and suspicions. Moreover, your sex life will be of irregular character which also produces a negative effect on the quality of your relations.

It is not so bad; of course, there are some positive moments as well. Your every date will turn into something special as you will value every minute of being together. There will be no time for argues, daily issues which spoil the relations of many couples. As for everyday fight with distance, note that modern technology is always at your service. You may use social nets, phone and web camera in order to stay in touch all day long. But, nevertheless, it will be difficult to talk to person and be aware that you can not hug him right now that you have to wait for a long time till you will be together for a little while.

When you decide to dive into such relations you are guided by passion and the thought that your story is unique and you will not repeat the fate of all other such romances. But with time comes irritation, sadness, the feeling that you were fooled. May be it is better to think of the outcome in the beginning, when there is still time to stop. It will save you time, nerves and place for someone who is closer to you, at least geographically.

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