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July 23, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Abstinence from Food – To Starve or Not to Starve

In some religious and in some health practices as well i6t is said that starvation can produce a positive effect on your body and spirit, clean your organism from any harmful byproducts and give you lightness you have never even dreamed of. However, this nice description does not fully reflect what the process of starvation actually looks like.

First of all, abstinence from food has lots of contraindications you should be aware of before you begin to starve. They include considerable underweight, diabetes mellitus, ulcer, hypo-tension, pregnancy and the period of lactation. Before the beginning of the starvation experiment you should consult a physician as famishment is a serious stress which not everybody can safely undergo.

You should enter the process of starvation and come out of it as smoothly as possible. It is not recommended to quit eating abruptly, reduce the amount of food gradually to make your body get used to the new regime of economical spending of resources. First, decrease the caloric value of the products you eat, then proceed with juices and finally refuse from food at all. Coming out of starvation should be performed in a reversed order.

Besides, you should note that your life style should be changed according to your new status of a starving person. For instance, avoid making abrupt movements as it can lead to the loss of conscience. Physical training should also be avoided as you do not possess enough energy to perform exercises.

Actually, if the body stops receiving food it starts digesting itself. The first to dissolve are not fats but proteins which lead to the deterioration of the condition of your hair and nails. It can be said also, that during famishment your body gets rid of harmful substances. However, these substances normally leave our body with the help of cellulose. If you eat nothing, there is nothing to help to clean your digestive tract.

Among the pros of starvation a loss of weight is usually named. However, there sis a strong possibility that you will gain your weight again after the period of food abstinence is over. The whole system of your nutrition should be reviewed, if you want to achieve long lasting results.

All in all, starvation is healthy in small doses, or you will suffer apathy and prostration. One day of water drinking is enough to eliminate toxins without putting your health under risk.

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