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July 27, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

The World’s Creepiest Religion

The scary Woodoo religion may be called a complex mystical vision of the world, which binds the human beings and the supernatural powers, typical of the reality lying beyond the people’s minds. “Supernatural” means that these powers are not those that are natural for a human. This religion is considered to be an open one to everyone as the spiritual world here is acceptable to every person without any mediators. The state which is called “a possession by the devil” in other religions is a desirable one and is achieved with the help of consuming poisonous substances and participation in magical rituals. The inhabitants of Haiti use the proverb to describe the Woodoo philosophy: “ The Roman Catholic goes to the church to talk to God, but the Woodoo follower dances in the church yard to become a god himself”. The real Woodoo is the religion according to which the followers worship the native gods and the souls of their deceased ancestors. The minor sacrifices are a common thing in the rituals and celebrations. The major religious holidays are celebrated in Woodoo sanctuaries and a lot of people take an active part in magical dancing.

Of course, there exist the incantation practice in the framework of this religion. The Woodoo priests heal the ill people, prevent and remit the curses. But there is also an evil witchcraft taking a significant place. The evil wizards practice the black magic. And they are the ones who put the beginning of all the talks that Woodoo is a dreadful violent religion, which adepts are able to create zombies.

But the real creepy thing is the religion called Palo. It is the combination of several religious branches that worships the dead and allows to practice such terrifying magic that the Woodoo one seems to be an entertainment for children in comparison with it.

The ground ideas of the Palo religion are the worship of the deceased and the belief in the power of nature. The Palo altar is full of the soil from the cemetery and the bones of hose who have died recently. The followers of this religion are called palero. But even the palero are afraid of the Palo priests. If the last ones get angry there can be no doubts that their curses will be fatal. The rituals are carried out with the help of the human bones, which have just been separated from the flesh. It is a common thing the exhume the bodies and use them in the frightening ceremonies. The most popular are the bodies of the young girls.

This religion is widely-spread in the small region of Spain called Alto Palo.

The relatives of the deceased are afraid to attend the Alto Palo cemetery where the could commemorate their dear people who have recently gone. There is the guidance provided by the state but nothing can stop the greedy for the dark craft Palo priests. Now not only the tombs of the common citizens are destroyed but also the ones of the famous people. There are on more beautiful sculptures and the crosses of fine work on the family tomb-chests. The cemetery used to be a place of the tourist attraction earlier and was an obligatory point for seeing.

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