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August 2, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

How to Get Sure That He Likes You

You heart starts beating faster when you think of the new acquaintance of yours. It isn’t of a great importance where you met him- in the cinema, at your best friend’s wedding or even on your walk with the neighbor’s dog- one thing will steal you sleep: you are to find out if he feel a real attraction or not. Watch his gestures as they will give you a clue to what does he feel and reveal his real opinion of you. Many women exaggerate the meaning of what a man says and diminish the meaning of the body language he subconsciously uses. No matter what does he say his movements will spill he beans way quicker than words. Knowing the meaning of every pose or a glance which seems to be accidental will provide a wide source of information even if your passion object gives the impression of being mute.
Women have a great natural power of intuition and feel the slightest alternation of the emotional atmosphere better than an average man. Every subtle gesture won’t hide from their sight. They notice the signs of interest even if they don’t realize it themselves completely. Study this list of the gestures and body movements that speak louder that words. Mastering the way of decoding them will provide you a great power to read a man’s heart as an open book. By watching a man attracted to you you’ll find out that all his feelings lay on the surface.

  • His eyebrows go slightly up when he is talking to you. Remember your friend listening you telling the latest gossip. Have you ever paid attention to her facial expression? When we are absorbed in the conversation with the person we like our face acquires an open look due to the slightly risen eyebrows. That way we silently ask our interlocutor for further information.

  • If the admires you, his lips will go apart and stay detached for a while when look you in the eye.
  • He will try to draw you attention by stroking his hair, smoothing the sleeve of his shirt or buttoning and unbuttoning his cuff. These gestures are equivalent to our lip licking, combing the hair with fingers or collecting the non-existing motes from your outfit. This reveals the implicit desire to look the best way for the person you like.

  • If it’s cool outside and the guy offers you to throw his jacket on that is a trustful sign of his liking you. This is the simplest way to say “what I own I share with you”. Besides that it’s a good way to exchange personal information. Every item of the clothes keeps the smell of a person and warmth of his body. When you return it you’ll leave your information on it which will provide you both an emotional contact without saying a lot of words. And it would be a good reason for him to turn up the next evening to take his belonging back.
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