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August 12, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

How to be kinder

We are always in haste, we run to work, get pushed by other passengers on a bus, we have a lot of stress at work. Sometimes we don’t even notice how aggressive we get, and how we hurt people we love. Besides, when you get angry and distressed, it affects your health.

Here are a few tips on how to manage anger and frustration.

Your morning mood is the groundwork for your whole day. So when you wake up, don’t let small things ruin your mood. If you drop a mug, try not to focus on that something went wrong, don’t let it angry you. Just pick up the pieces and throw them away. Ok, you will just need to go and pick a new better mug when you get a chance.

Moving forward. If someone steps on your foot on the subway, take a deep breath and don’t get angry. Ok, someone stepped on your foot, but the unpleasant moment is over. It’s over and you won’t remember about it in 20 minutes.

If your boss yells at you, answer him in a calm, firm but respectful manner. Try to abstract away from the fact that you were the one he just yelled at, and ask him when exactly he needs this job to be done, tell him that you are going to start working on it now.

If you come home and see that your place is a mess, don’t scream at your wife. No matter if she is a housewife or works just like you, she probably had a hard day too. If there is no dinner, you can always eat a fruit and wait until it’s ready, or make it yourself, it’s not a big deal, people say cooking is soothing, and they are right. So is cleaning.

If your wife shouts at you, tell her in a calm and tender voice that you had a rough day too, but you don’t what to upset her by screaming at her like she does. It will probably make her feel bad and she will stop it. Then ask her about something, make it personal. So you both will remember how warm and wonderful support feels like. It will make it easier for you to not get mad over the small things.

P.S. Watching less TV helps too.

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