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August 17, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

How to get over jealousy?

An emotion of jealousy is destructive and negative. It may destroy your relations that doesn’t sound great. The actual reasons of jealousy can differ. We are jealous when we are insecure, or when we are afraid of something. But how to overcome this feeling? And it is possible to get over the emotion? Let’s try to sort out in it.

First of all you should aware of the feeling and you should realize how it may impact on your relations. Do you really want to loose your partner? If you do not want then you need to work to improve. Remember it is destructive emotion. As I mentioned above we are jealous because we are uncertain. Then the only possible way to change the situation for the better is to start love yourself. Appreciate everything you have already done and stop complaining you have gained nothing. No one gets what he wants automatically. Everything requires time and effort. Develop yourself and remember that people are not perfect. You admire someone and find this person attractive, interesting and definitely better than you are. It is a wrong way. It doesn’t work. Well, of course you may look up to someone but stop humiliating yourself. Even this person is not perfect. Don’t be afraid of being yourself as you are. Try to understand your feelings and undoubtedly one day you will see the great changes in your life.

Touching on the theme of self loving one should remember of the problem of comparison. Insecure person tends to compare himself to other people who seem to be successful, interesting and happy. Keep in mind that one day comparison would lead to jealousy. I know it might be hard to realize that you are a unique person like no one else in the world. You are very special. It doesn’t mean you should be arrogant or disrespectful. The only thing you need is to appreciate yourself. Try to focus your attention on your specific features that differ you from others. At the same time you should realize that it requires time. Sometimes it requires plenty of time to overcome the negative thoughts and feelings. But you need to free yourself from this cage. Lucky you if someone helps and supports you but nevertheless everything depends only on you. That’s the main point.

You should motivate yourself to develop and improve. Some people are too lazy to get over jealousy. I’ve met depressed people who are ready to complain for hours doing nothing. “I feel sad, I do not want to do anything. Leave me alone”. You know that’s the easiest way. It would be much difficult to make yourself do something. You do not want but you have to. Be more strict to yourself and challenge yourself.

If you fail once it doesn’t mean you are a looser or whatever. “Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him”. Well, that’s true indeed. Try to change your attitude to a situation and be more ironic.

Take care and don’t be jealous.

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