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August 26, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

I need a new car!

You know, when I sold my car, my life has changed completely. Now it is full of adventures and incredible feelings! Now in the morning I get on the company bus, which is quite comfortable, as you have some time to sleep or to finish up your make-up or even to do some work in case your neighbor don’t interrupt you with chatter. In the evening, after work, my colleagues usually become indulgent and generous, and they are ready to give me a ride. Both men and women. Men are more decisive and busy, they offer to follow his planned route strictly and drop you off in the closest to your house place. Women are more sympathetic, they give you a ride to the very entrance.

During the last months I was able to ride all possible cars of all possible brands, colors and integrations. I totally fall in love with Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota Land Cruiser and Mazda. And a Dodge Ram brought me to….well who cares, it just delivered me to my house, okay.

But that day I was offered a lift on an old shabby hippie van. A nice experience! I occupied the back seat, and there was a man on the opposite side. The man was, to put it mildly, rather unpleasant, deeply not young, perfectly not sober and smelling unwell. Once he flopped on the seat and looked around, he immediately began to pitch me the woo. He stepped on my foot, belched, breathing out on me and grimaced as if apologizing, putting his right hand to his left breast. I blinked approvingly.

It was excruciatingly boring to ride and the man invented his own entertainment. Looking in my eyes quite insidiously, he started tipping that parts of my body he could reach. It was not scaring or offensive, but quite unpleasant. Pits and bumps on the uneven road just helped him in that business. Several times I touched him too as I couldn’t keep myself on the seat when the car staggered from side to side. For several times I shifted from my seat to his side, and the man seemed to be incredibly happy. It was really hard to restrain myself and not to tell him something offensive or hit him.

Meanwhile our driver abruptly turned to the right, and stepped on the gas up the road. I was thrown like hell to the side door, which was normally closed. But under my pressure( and I am no short and tiny), the door started to be opened. I felt that I was on my way of falling out of the cabin, though it was still quite far from my house.

In the most critical moment my neighbor grabbed me firmly with his strong hands and pulled me back inside. He saved me! The driver stopped the car and said nothing terrible happened, as I was alive and already inside, and he added that the door was cranky, that’s why so he tied it with the belt, and it was not his fault that it got untied all the time.

I thanked my hero with trembling voice: Thank YOU! I was so scared …

He waved his hand, looking at me and smiling. So, guys, don’t reject someone’s courting ahead of time: your admirer can save your life.

But I need to buy a new car.

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