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September 2, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Student activism in Japan.

As the rule students come out against political or social systems of their country. They boycott the laws trying by this to demand changes from the Government and administrations. They are pretty powerful and their influence is enormous. Just remember the student demonstrations in France in 1968 that led to serious changes in the world history. It should be admitted that students activism has its positive effects. Thus their actions and demands affected the current situation in the country.

What about Japan? The first Japanese movements among students appeared in the country during World War II. Young people were coming out against the traditions of the Japanese society. The older generation led the country to the senseless war that ended with bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Obviously the older generation was responsible that happened to the country at the time. It was their mistake Japan was literally down. Students widely criticized the current situation in the country. For them some traditions and customs seemed to be pretty strange and out-fashioned, senseless and weird. One could hardly understand them.

Student activism in Japan grew in the late 1960s when students all over the world were protesting against political and social stagnation. Thus Japanese students barricaded in the Universities. Their actions caused armed conflict between students and police.

Later Japanese were coming out against the Vietnam war started by the Americans. Thus Japanese students joined to the international movement protesting against the senseless and violent war. As the rule protesting students were leftists.

Nowadays students in Japan are pretty proactive despite the fact it may cause serious problems. Thus Japanese student Kenya Suzuki was arrested in 2008 protesting against the administration of the Hosei University. The point is that nowadays Japanese students have no right “to put out signboards or hand out flyers if it speaks negatively about the university administration”. By the way Suzuki was sentenced 8 months for his actions. It seems like the situation is getting worse. Students of the Hosei University are being arrested regularly. Thus over 110 students of the University were arrested for criticizing the administration. It is well known that the University administration grabs students money. Moreover those students who have no chance to pay tuition are expelled from the University. Some students were expelled from the University because they left critical posters outside the university. And once again they were criticizing the policy of the administration.

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