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September 10, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

How a Marriage Proposal is Made in Australian Tribes

How do the people of different countries propose in marriage? It is a common belief that the development of civilization complicates the human lifestyle and the things that seemed to be simple and clear for our ancestors appear to be sophisticated for us. But if the matter concerns the marriage here everything is vice versa. The tribes which are cut off from the civilized world appear to have more complex ceremonies of popping the question in comparison with the developed ones.

In the conditions of community lifestyle contracting a marriage becomes rather a public matter than a personal one. The cause for such complicated practice of proposal and the existence of numerous prohibitions is preventing the marriage of relatives. The possibility to marry a young, beautiful and hard-working woman for a young man from the native tribes of Australia was practically equal to zero. The best girls became the wives of the heads of the tribes. The bride for a groom was being chosen by the group of the tribe elders. The female relatives of a bride were to marry the male relatives of the groom in that case. In some Australian tribes the son-in-law had to share the meat with his-father-in-law during the rest of his life. He also had to give his his cut off hair as it was considered a valuable material for making bags, bracelets and other necessary things.

If the young couple tried to run away the single possible punishment for the law violators was public death. In some tribes of southern Australia the young man came to the house of his beloved and showed his patience sitting their more than two days while the girl’s relatives were to call him names and piling up curse upon curse on him. If he remained calm the marriage was possible to be contracted.

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