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October 5, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

Social Networks and Break Up

Social networks are meant to make our life easier and establish stronger connection with those whom we need. However, when it comes to break up the situation becomes completely different – these online technologies turn into the means of torture which remind us constantly of our ex love and happiness.

When you realize that you have no common future with your boyfriend you says him not to call you anymore, take your belongings from his flat and disappears from his life, or, at least, from his real life. However, virtually you remain friends with him on FaceBook, Twitter and all other social networks as well. You still have an opportunity to watch new photos he posts in the Internet and guess the meaning of his statuses and do lots of other tormenting things. Of course, some can say that it is a kind of masochism, but personally I spend some part of my day watching my ex’s profile. Honestly, I can not explain my ridiculous behavior – may be I do it out of the curiosity, may be to prove myself that his new girlfriend is ways worse than I.

The strangest thing about it is that I clearly understand that I should just delete him from the list of my friends but I can not find strength, or will, or courage or I do not know what to perform this seemingly simple task. However, clicking “delete” button looks like jumping through some terrific abyss for me. Probably, the reason of this weakness is that this step means your acceptance of the fact of your break up, and you are not ready to accept it yet.

These social networks present also a temptation to initiate communication with your ex. It seems so easy to post “like” under his photo, or type some innocent comment, or post some status in order to make him know about your feelings. This communication, though indirect, provides you with an illusion that you two are still connected. However, this illusion is dangerous as it prevents you from moving on.

If you find yourself in the same kind of situation when all bridges are burnt but the virtual one is still provides you with information on your ex and his new life without you, I am afraid I am not the one to advice you something. I can just share with you, how awful it is to look at the photos of the places where you used to spend time together and see some other happy girl on these photos. Or should I remind you, how painful it is to see them two making your former common dream come true while you have spent sleepless nights regretting that your common future will never happen.

Usually I am not as sentimental, may be today’s post is the result of over watching happy and bright photos of my ex and his new girlfriend. I do not know whether I am ready to move on, but one thing I have understood for certain – I do not want to follow his life any more, so it is finally came time to “unfriend” him completely.

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