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December 25, 2012 / beautythroughharmony

How to Build Successful Relationships With Others

Every day we have to communicate with other people but to get along with everyone is quite difficult. Some people attract us and we are pleased to chat with them for one more minute but there are individuals who cause our irritation and cut off any wish to communicate with them. Still we have to build mutually benevolent relationships with our colleagues, relatives and other acquaintances.

In some cases it is worthy to avoid communicating with the ones who are extremely unpleasant to talk to. That will make you escape from the numerous problems that are connected with emotional tension and hidden irritation which is being stored. But what one should do if there are no opportunities to avoid such people? A relative or a colleague of you can turn out to be such “troubled” interlocutor. If you still have to communicate with such people quite often there in nothing left to do than to search for the ways to make the process of communication less painful or even turn it into a neutral one.

  • First of all try to decide for yourself whet particular aspect of this person irritates you. As a rule all the negative features that we blame the other people for are our own fixations which are stored in the depth of our mind. If you didn’t have these features you probably wouldn’t notice them as they would be totally unfamiliar to you. So maybe you see your own reflection in the person who makes you mad.
  • The ones who are emotionally and psychologically mature are able to accept the other people as they are without criticizing them. The people usually feel the attitude towards themselves and simply show the expected reactions to it. In that way the people generally reflect your attitude towards them when they speak bitterly.

  • It is very important to understand the other people. Try to think about the reasons of their rude of inadequate actions. Maybe they are experiencing some troubles at the moment and are not completely aware of their phrases and behavior. You can’t be in other peoples’ shoes and know what do they feel for sure. Be more tolerant towards the others and the conversation will be more pleasant.

  • Search for the advantages in other people. Don’t dwell upon their negative characteristics. If you change your attitude to the people who seem unpleasant to to they will feel that. Smile more and be positive. That will help you to gain more friends and turn your enemies into the pleasant acquaintances.
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