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March 9, 2013 / beautythroughharmony

I can’t stand my roommate.

For some reason I had to move to another room in dormitory. So my new roommate is Leila. At first sight she seemed to be just a perfect roommate. I was wrong. My intuition betrayed me. Leila appeared to be so difficult person. I thought that we would befriend. I hope I will never ever meet people like Leila. Well, she is very arrogant person. By the way her major is an international economy that I find to be extremely boring. What might be interesting about finances and accounting? Well, it is just my very personal point of view but for me it is so uninteresting. Leila is sure that she is so smart while other people especially some of her groupmates are dudes. She is ready to spend hours discussing how stupid and untalented they are. At the same time she never misses an opportunity to point out how gifted and smart she is. And of course she is so prospective specialist….

You know I just want to have a rest and relax when I come back. It is just impossible when Leila is in. I want to listen to music, to read or watch another hilarious sitcom. She thinks that it is so strange to waste your time doing things like these. Of course it is more useful to listen to her stories about her stupid groupmates and narrow-minded professors. Oh, her teachers are just another topic she adores to discuss.

It seems to me that Leila is the unluckiest person in the world. She doesn’t have friends. Well, she has so called friends. And of course their favorite and the only one common topic refers to rumors and discussions. Several times she invited me to go out and to have fun. We have absolutely different ideas of fun. Well, I do not mind to have another pint of beer in a local bar. But what’s the point to do it every evening? Leila appeared to be narrow-minded and untalented person herself. I have noticed that not many people really want to communicate with her. Sooner or later people realize how strange Leila is.

Several times I tried to explain her why she had the communication problems. I hinted at some extremely important issues that could really help her. But Leila is clueless. I had arguments with her and of course I was wrong. It is just impossible to explain her anything. Poor girl. Unfortunately I had to spend a lot of time trying to help her. It didn’t work for some reason. What should I do in the situation?


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