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July 17, 2013 / beautythroughharmony

Depression Risk Is Linked to the Wholly Processed Food Diet

woman with burger
The epoch of viral and bacillar diseases has passed away already. It is hard to imagine the plague or cholera breakout in the developed countries today. However the human beings still don’t get healthier though the progress of medical technologies provides the new improved methods of treating disorders. Nowadays the two main problems of the humanity are the genetically transmitted metabolism disorders (including such ones as diabetes, agnogenic morbid obesity or severe cases of food components intolerance) and organic mental disorders. The last ones are explained by the improper balance of neurotransmitter system. One of the most wide-spread mental disorders of this nature is depression.

Traditionally depression was explained by the lack of sunlight, chronic fatigue, distressing factors and rapid rhythm of the modern life. In that way the natural ways to treat the persistent oppressive dysphoria suggested removing the distressing factors and replacing them by the stimulating ones.
The psychological methods of treating depression presuppose reconsidering of the patient’s self-image and changing the attitude towards one’s ego. The tips provided in the numerous articles for self-therapy (Dealing with depression) are the simplified methods of professional psychotherapy.
However the latest research has revealed the completely different reasons why more and more city dwellers apply to psychiatrists and are hospitalized with depressive disorders of various subtypes. Let us see how neurotransmitter system works. Neurotransmitters are chemical substances synthesized in brain which transfer the signals between neurons the executive cells. Such neurotransmitters as dopamine and serotonin are responsible for reward-motivated behavior. To synthesize these important substances the human brain needs vitamin B complex (folic acid, B3, B6, B12 and others). See the full list of B vitamins and their functions here Vitamin B.
The components of vitamin B complex can be easily lysed by thermal processing (boiling, frying or baking), light (drying or improper storing) or fermentation (marinating, pickling). More than 99% of the whole amount of food the modern people consume is processed. In that way the most important nutrients essential for synthesizing neurotransmitters are lost before the food reaches our table.
One of the important factor of mental state improving is the healthy diet containing higher amount of raw organic products. One may find many examples how whole food dieting has strengthened the people’s mental health. The story of Brian Godfrey is one of the most popular cases proving the power-boosting effect of whole product diet. The so-called Mediterranean diet rich in fresh raw vegetables and fruit is also supposed to lower the risk of depression and mental disorders connected with neurotransmitter system imbalance Check out the complete set of vitamins and nutrients to include in your diet in order to avoid depression risks


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